Daily chanting

Daily chanting recorded at Santi Forest Monastery, Ulu Tiram Johore

Chao Khun Keng has created this gift for all who make effort in their practice of Dhamma. This has been an aspiration for Chao Khun Keng to make this chanting records happen, may all receive with great rejoice and obtain great determination in the practice to end all suffering.

This chanting is recorded according to the Pali Chants of Santi Forest Monastery. You may get the chanting book with the link below. These chanting book are shared to you and please humbly value and not misuse.

[ 早课 Morning Chanting ]
星期一 Monday

星期二 Tuesday

星期三 Wednesday

星期四 Thursday

星期五 Friday

星期六 Saturday

星期日 Sunday

[ 早课课本 Morning Chanting Book ]

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