Being a Human being

Meditation is food for the heart, is food for the mind. You might think of meditation as some kind of optional extra to life, but if you really want to be alive, then you need to pay attention to your life, you need to be there for it. 

Meditation it is simply showing up for your own life, paying attention to what you feel, think, what you like and dislike, your relationships, your perceptions of the world, the way you work, all these different dimensions of our existence.

Meditation is about learning to watch, learning to listen, learning to see where our mental habits create problems, attaching to like and dislike, believing it opinions, following desires, fears and aversions in an unconscious way. The more we pay attention to our life, our mind and how the mind functions to the world, the more we able to live in tune with things.

This is what we call food for the heart or what really nourish us as a human being.

Ajahn Amaro