Becoming your moods

Written by Bhikkhu Kovido

You can become your moods if..!

In your moods you know what you have become.
You can be anything from being an angry person to loveable person, anything from being selfish to being very generous, being helpful to being demanding, being flexible to being extremely stubborn, being depressive to being egoistic. And you would say it all depends on the situation: which mood I’m in.

If you know that, then you also know that you cannot be all these mood-persons in one moment. So in this present moment you are not anyone of these mood-persons while reading this article, hopefully. So what are you then, when you are not anyone of your moods’ person?

You are normal! You know you are normal because you can behave sensitively, kindly, compassionately, sympathetically, impartially and appropriately, without becoming a mood-person.

It is when you become a mood-person that you behave according to your mood and not normal i.e. being sensitive, kind etc..

What causes us to become a mood-person?
We become one when we cling onto a particular mood and could not let go of it. When we cling to a mood, it takes over our normal mode, we become our mood, and it could also consume us for minutes, hours or days.

What happens to us prior to us clinging onto a mood?
A mood arises due to us being in a situation and the cause of the arising of the mood is due to our perception of a particular object in that situation.
The feelings that arise on perceiving a particular object that creates the mood, is a result of previous conditioning, a conditioning that we are very seldom aware. The conditioned perception of the sensed (seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, cognised) object is the origin of mood, the cause of the mood: hence the origin of becoming a mood-person.
What we are is normal and only our previously conditioned perceptions cause us to become mood-persons.

Watch your moods, don’t let them take over you, and consume you until they become habitual. Let the moods die when you feel them!