Phra Goh CK Adhibalo

#MSBS is very fortunate to have Phra Goh CK Adhibalo on board as one of the meditation teachers. Bhante is the current Vice President of Palelai Buddhist Temple, Singapore. Despite his busy schedule, he has accepted our invitation to share his knowledge via MSBS Zoom meetings (limited to first 98 pax), Facebook LIVE and also Youtube.

Phra Goh CK Adhibalo Biodata

2000-2007 – Learnt Meditation from the branch of the late Ven Amatha Gavesi of Sri Lanka under the guidance of Bro Vajiro (Richard)

2001 – Took 3 refuges and 5 precepts from Khen Rinpoche from Amitabha Buddhist Centre.

2002-2004 – Served as Publications Secretary and President for Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society

2004-2006 – Volunteer Sunday school teacher at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

2007-2008 – Participated various retreats under the guidance of Ven Mahinda of Aloka Meditation Centre.

Days as a novice monk around June 2008. From left: Samanera Xin Hao, Ajahn Keng, Samanera CK

2008 – Bhikkhu ordination into the Theravada tradition of Thai Dhammayut sect at Santi Forest Monastery in Johor, Malaysia.
Spent first 5 rains retreats at various forest monasteries in Malaysia and Thailand.
Normally stays at Palelai Buddhist Temple when transiting Singapore

2013 – Member of the inter-Religious Organisation Youth

2014 – Religious Advisor to BuddhistYouth Network

2015 – Religious Advisor to Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society

2019 – Vice President of Palelai Buddhist Temple, Singapore

2021 – Religious Advisor to Buddhist Youth Network, Singapore

Bhante can be reachable via Facebook