Maha Mangala Sutta chanting videos

Dear Dhamma Friends.

Due to popular demand, #MSBS once again invited Bro Tan to share his chanting skills and knowledge on Buddhism.

He will share this on Mondays, 3rd, 10th and 17th August from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

This online event is jointly organised by Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society, Mudita Buddhist Society, Dhammacakka Buddha Vihara and supported by Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia.

#MSBS will be hosting the chanting led by
Dd Tan Leng Huat (President of TBCM) on
Mondays – August 3, 10, 17 at 8:30pm via FB Live.

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3 August 2020

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Velama Sutta mentioned by Dd Leng Huat ……/an/an09/an09.020.than.html

Anathapindika had many carts filled with gold coins, and had them spread out upon the site. Finally only one small patch of ground at the entrance remained bare. He gave the instructions that more gold be brought, but the Prince Jeta announced that he was prepared to build a mighty gate-tower on that spot at his own expense. This imposing bastion and gate protected the monastery from the outside world, shielded it from the noises of the road, and emphasized the dividing line between the realms of the sacred and the worldly. Anathapindika then spent another eighteen million for buildings and furnishings. He built individual cells, a meeting hall, a dining hall, storerooms, walkways, latrines, wells, and lotus ponds for bathing as well as a large surrounding wall. Thus the forest glade was transformed into a monastery and stood apart as a religious sanctuary. (Cv VI.4)

When everything had been completed, the Enlightened One, with his monks, came to Savatthi to take up the residence at the new monastery. On their arrival, Anathapindika invited them for an alms meal. After the meal he addressed the Buddha and asked: “How should I proceed with the offering of this Jetavana?” — “You may dedicate it to the Sangha of the four quarters, present and future.” And so Anathapindika did. Then the Buddha expressed his appreciation to him in the following verses:

“They ward off cold and heat and beasts of prey from there
And creeping things and gnats and rains in the wet season.
When the dreaded hot wind arises, that is warded off.
To meditate and obtain insight in a shelter and at ease —
A dwelling-place is praised by the Awakened One as chief gift to an Order.
Therefore a wise man looking to his own weal,
Should have dwelling-places built, so that
Learned ones can stay therein.
To these food and drink, raiment and lodgings
He should give, to the upright, with mind purified.
Then these will teach him Dhamma dispelling every ill;
He, knowing that Dhamma, here attains Nibbana, cankerless.”
— Translated by I.B. Horner

The alms-meal for the monks was followed by a sumptuous celebration for the laity with gifts for everyone. This cost another eighteen million, so altogether Anathapindika spent fifty-four million on the headquarters for the Order. Therefore, he stands at the head of the benefactors. (AN 1.19)…/auth…/hecker/wheel334.html

10 August 2020

17 August 2020