Lesson 32-35: 快樂此時此刻 Happiness Here and Now by Bhante Dr Dhammapala

Bhante Dr Dhammapala led the online dharma cultivation sessions at Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre included chanting of Pali Suttas and short dharma talk (in Mandarin & English) via Facebook live streaming .

44 Talks (Chinese & English) delivered during MCO (March – June 2020)

馬來西亞梵行寺禪林 行動管制期間 – 共修與弘法 (44堂中英文講義下載)

祝福您身心安康。May you be well & happy.

Listed below are the Facebook LIVE recordings and pdf files of the talks.

Lesson 32: 快樂此時此刻 The Happiness Here and Now

Lesson 33: 和諧家庭 The Harmonious Family

Lesson 34: 現世和來世的福樂 Present Welfare, Future Welfare

Lesson 35: 在家女人的成就 The Success of the Woman

Bhante Dr Dhammapala, abbot of Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre 梵行寺禅林https://www.facebook.com/BrahmaviharaMalaysia/live_videos/